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“Chushin kobo” is a studio proposing the traditional beauty of casting transmitted to Japan due to Masuda's design to today's lifestyle.




AboutChushin Kobo

"Chushin kobo" is a studio proposing the traditional beauty of casting transmitted to Japan due to Masuda's design to today's lifestyle.
Traditional crafting is not inherently conservative, but in that era it is a very innovative combination of hard and soft.
As a living tool that traditional craft gives richness and happiness to people's lives, a new tradition can be built by having modernity.
Chushin kobo is a creative workshop that creates a universal design centering on castings with seeds of Japanese culture.
The workshop was founded in 1997 aiming to produce and distribute the items designed by Hisanori Masuda.

Company Profile

Chushin Kobo

2-1-12, Doumachi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata 990-0051 JAPAN
Tel. +81-23-625-4485
Fax. +81-23-642-4101
E-mail. info@chushin-kobo.jp

Showroom information

The showroom of Chushin kobo was opened in the Ennouji area, it is a few minutes walk from the workshop in Do-machi town.
Looking from the outside it is a silver square box.
There is a sign in front of the building and to the left and right of the fence on the sign, there is a symbol of an iron kettle.
Since the staff are not resident in the showroom, please contact the workshop in advance of visiting it Sorry if this is inconvenient for you. (023- 625-4485) or E-mail (info@chushin-kobo.jp)
The showroom can be made available for viewing anytime between 10 am ~3 pm.
(Please make sure to pre-arrange this)

Street address
9-1 Ennoji,Yamagata-city,Yamagata-pref, JAPAN 990-0062

ProfileHisanori Masuda

Hisanori Masuda
Caster and Designer


Hisanori Masuda was born in 1949 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Musashino University of Art (Fine Arts and Design) where he studied under Prof. Mosuke Yoshitake, Hisanori stayed on as a studio assistant to his professor for 5 years. During this time, Hisanori was successful in revitalizing local industries through product design. Later he moved to Yamagata City and established his own studio, "Chushin Kobo" in 1997. He seeks to recreate objects retaining the beauty of traditional Japanese cast iron but stylishly adapted to fit contemporary life-style. Using iron, aluminum and bronze, he designs, produces and sells all his own work. He is currently a member of Japan Craft Design Association. He teaches at Tohoku University of Art and Design and Yamagata University in the department of education.

Literature: 2014 "From one generation to another"

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