A Series of Kettles with Wooden Handles

The modern designed kettle which is made with a traditional technique that is suited for a modern lifestyle. The hot water which is boiled by a casting kettle is able to erase almost all chlorine from tap water; so the water will be mild, have no smell and will be tasty hot water.
The hot water will have iron, which is a merit to be able to take iron naturally as we need it for our body. So you can enjoy tasty hot tea with a hint of healthy iron. The iron of hot water and tannin of tea react together to make an enjoyable tasty tea.

A Series of Kettles with Wooden Handles

HS-314S/Iron Tea kettle/S/white oak
HS-314M/Iron Tea kettle/M/white oak
HS-314S/Iron Tea kettle/S/walnut
HS-314M/Iron Tea kettle/M/walnut


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